BodyMap, the

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human body

Comprehensive Anatomy

12 body systems in male or female based on strict MRI and CT data reconstruction

12 body systems

Explore how structures within each system related to one another in molecular details

Male or female model

Switch between models displayed at 1:1 ratio to examine their anatomical differences

Wide and close-up views

Observe the human body at macroscopic, microscopic and cross-sectional views

High Fidelity Model

We adopt modern techniques to cast clear, and precise anatomical landmarks

PBR Material

Display surface textures with bumps, roughness, or specular of structures

LOD Model

View more details when you move closer to the model, while maintaining a high frame rate

HDR Rendering

Observe structural contours of the model with rim light and shadow

Interactive Flashcard

Every structure has a flashcard that opens up to more information and functions


Check out additional information of the selected structure


Watch how liquids or electricity of the structure flow through the body


Focus on one specific structure at a time by hiding the rest


Hear the correct pronunciation of each structure

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Intuitive UI

Easily, and quickly access your desired content in an all-in-one menu

Menu Tabs

12 body systems, 7 regions of each body system, default and customized courses and more


Access a library of carefully-designed default courses, or create your own


Use brushes, pins, arrows and syringes to focus on any particular body part

Easy Manipulations

We made interactions with the virtual model intuitive, and quick


Drag the virtual body further away, close to you or to any position


Zoom in, or out the model to observe each structure in detail or at large


Take out any structure to observe it closely, or rotate it to view from a different angle


Use brushes, pins or arrows with different colors to emphasize a specific structure


Put a syringe into the virtual body, and feel the haptic feedback during the simulation


Capture high-resolution images of the model, and export them locally to your device

Meet in VR

Create an online VR session for participants to interact with one another in real-time, anywhere

Unlimited participants

No limit to the number of participants hosts can invite to a session

Host controls

Give participants the permissions to speak, or manipulate the model on their own

Activity dashboard

Check the status of participants, including whether they are speaking or muted, in real-time

Cross-device, cross-region communication

Use brushes, pins or arrows with different colors to emphasize a specific structure

Learning Platform

BodyMap Analytics, an analytical tool that tracks everyone’s learning process and progress


View the overall activities and performance of participants at a glance

Quiz and Exam

Create personal quizzes or group exams out of a question bank

Review and Evaluation

Check test scores, and questions with more answer time and low success rate

Lesson Customization

Design your next curriculum by making your own flashcards and notes

User Management

Invite more participants, check their attendance, change their user rights and more

Product Comparison

We have two versions of BodyMap. BodyMap is the standalone version for standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest, and BodyMap Pro is the PC/laptop-based version designed for organizations.

Here is a comparison table of BodyMap and BodyMap Pro:

Comprehensive Anatomy Male Male + Female
Resolution Standard High
Interactive Flashcard Info
Isolate 1 stage * 2 stages *
Flexible Module Regional selection 7 regions 7 regions + whole body
Default and Customized Courses
Saved Courses
Easy Manipulations Grab
Hide 1 stage * 2 stages *
VR Classroom
Learning Platform

*In BodyMap Pro, the Isolate and Hide functions will first make all structures except the one you selected translucent (stage 1), and then transparent (stage 2).

Hardware Requirement

MAI has partnered with industry leaders such as Facebook, HP, HTC, AMD and NVIDIA to provide the best experience of the best solutions on the best headsets.

VR Headset Oculus: Quest 2
HTC: Focus 3
VR Headset Oculus: Quest 2, Rift S
HTC: Vive Pro, Cosmos, Focus 3
PC / Laptop OS Windows 10
CPU Intel i7 or higher
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, Ryzen 5 2600x or higher
GPU GTX 1060 or better
Radeon RX 580 or better
RAM 16GB DDR4 or more
Disk Space 3GB

Ready to explore the human body the smart way?

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You can reach out to us for a customized BodyMap that works best for you. Our customization services include the design of different surgical tools for simulation, step-by-step instructions for procedures such as central venous catheterization (CVC), and creation of custom anatomy content or quizzes.
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